Trust Setup

Are you thinking about going into business for yourself, or wanting to ensure your current assets are safe and protected before you take the beneficiaries to the next level?

Don’t get too stressed or confused about it, instead make some time to book in time to come to speak with us first so we can explain your Trust Fund options in simple terms.

Trust Funds are basally investment structures which are miss understood by the majority of small local business owners. Trust are defiantly not reserved for the super wealthy, but setting them up can be a nightmare if you are not 100% clear on trust structure that is going to be best for you and beneficiaries.

Vision Accounting Solutions set them up, everyday so we got all the info you need.

Trust Setup for Business Owners

Trust setups help hardworking Australians structure and protect their financial affairs that is logical, tax efficient and protects your wealth for future generations to access when required.

For Australian business there are a few trust fund options that you can select from and Vision Accounting Solutions is happy to provide you with all the information so you can make an informed decision.

Vision Accounting Solutions will explain the many benefits with owning your own business, we are excited to say, through using our business services we are able to help increase profits while reducing risk.

The idea of having a trust is to protect your assets and you won’t need to pay income tax on any money that is made from the assets. Once you place the assets in the trust they are no longer yours and become under the care of a trustee. A trustee can be any entity you choose to setup.

Conditions Apply: book a complimentary business meeting with our leading accountants so we get to understand your goals and better know your situation. We will help you achieve the best Structure so your foundations are set strong.

Trust Setup Types

  • Revocable Trusts

  • Irrevocable Trust.

  • Asset Protection Trust.

  • Charitable Trust.

  • Constructive Trust.

  • Special Needs Trust.

  • Spendthrift Trust.

  • Tax By-Pass Trust.

Trust Setup – My Business

Have peace of mind that you have protected yourself and secured your investments correctly. Because these assets are no longer assigned to you, it effectively puts them out of reach of creditors in a bankruptcy proceeding or potential lawsuits. Trusts are very popular and widely used as a safe haven for family and business assets.

These assets can never be touched to cover financial setbacks, they are a great way to control and protect family assets for younger siblings.

Variable fees will apply when setting up your trust. These fees will vary depending on the complexity and the level of professional advise required to suit your requirements.

Trust Setup – Real world solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

There are legal obligations associated with your trust, so before creating one we make sure you completely understand and are aware of the legal relationships because the terms are usually irrevocable.

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